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Foreign/business legal affairs, maritime arbitration and litigation

Intellectual Property

Beijing High Law Partners determined the service direction – direct to sci-tech fields, direct to sci-tech enterprises, direct to sci-tech achievements, direct to sci-tech talents – since its establishment. With wide experience and with specialist across IP rights, we created our service brand as intellectual property. Beijing High Law Partners are broadly acknowledged by our counterparts and acquired a strong reputation from our clients because of our first-class technical and experienced practice in all aspects of global intellectual property, including assisting companies in establishing effective IP protection scheme, representing clients of IP litigations, etc. We have a deep insight into international conventions, as well as domestic laws, regulations and policies in the area of intellectual property law. We also accumulate rich practical experiences from loads of IP prosecution cases in a variety of different types.

Main aspects:

  • IP strategic counseling. Providing clients with IP strategy; devising IP protection scheme; drafting IP charters and rules; drafting contracts related to IP right; providing resolution of IP dispute; offering counseling in associates with IP protection, management and exploitation, including business strategy of patents, trademarks and technology licensing; planning scheme on IP rights research, applications, pre-warming and defensing, protection and enforcement.
  • IP infringement cases. Representing plaintiffs or defendants in IP litigation cases, e.g. patents, trademarks, copyrights and unfair competition cases, including ownership dispute, infringement, licensing contract and administrative cases. We work extensively in both traditional creative industries and in emerging, constantly developing areas such as software, cyber space, integrated circuits, semiconductor chips, new varieties of plant, medicines, well-known trademarks, geographical indications, appellation of origin, works of folk literature and art, trade secret, etc.
  • IP contract reviewing. Drafting and reviewing IP contracts, including technology development contract, assignment contract, licensing contract, franchising contract, e-business contract, import and export contract, consulting service contract, confidentiality agreement, etc. We also provide resolution on IP transactions during technology import, venture investment, enterprise restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, enterprise reorganization, etc.
  • Application of trademarks and patents. Cooperating closely with China trademark & patent office Co., Ltd. and other agencies with granted rights of representing foreign parties on IP affairs, offer clients with service on pre-registration of entities’ name, trademark search, registration applications of domestic and foreign trademarks, trademark review, opposition and dispute, patent research, applications of domestic and foreign patents, patent invalidation, copyrights registration, domain name registration, IP custom protection, etc.
  • Registration of copyrights. Registration of copyrights of works and software; copyrights infringement investigation and evidence preservation; copyrights infringement litigation; devising scheme of enterprises’ copyrights management and protection; copyrights licensing and assignment, etc.
  • Patent right protection. Consultancy on patent right protection strategies; devising patent right protection scheme; patent application, review, invalidation, etc.; patent search, monitor and investigation; patent right dispute litigation; patent licensing and assignment.
  • IP rights infringement investigation and injunction application. Assisting clients to investigate and acquire evidence on IP infringing facts, potential infringers’ illegal profit and financial status; providing infringement analysis report and legal opinions to clients; representing clients to send attorney letters or announcement, and participate mediation prior to the trial; assisting clients to apply injunction before the court, and apply evidence preservation or property preservation.
  • Other IP affairs. Representing clients to complaint, cooperative investigate or defense in IP administrative procedures; acting as arbitration agents in IP contracts arbitration cases; claim or defense in IP criminal cases; offering legal opinions on IP legislation, law amendment and enforcement to the government.


Civil Law

Beijing High Law Partners have strong capacity in this traditional civil law practice. Lawyers in civil law department devise strategies and scheme of a litigation based on their integrated analysis of a case’s facts, evidence, legal relationship and parties’ financial status, in order to benefit all our clients. In case of any complicated cases, our lawyers in civil law department would discuss the case, draw on each other’s wisdom and resources, and endeavor to achieve optimal results for clients. Our team is worth of your reliance.

Main aspects:

Contract: Offering clients on an array of service in respect of contract, during the process of drafting, negotiation, signing and performance, including contract consultancy, devising and revising contract based on client’s business characteristics; representing clients to negotiate with the opposed party; providing attorney letters and legal opinions involve in signing a contract; conducting lawyers witness; representing clients in litigation or arbitration proceedings before the court or arbitrators.


Litigation/Arbitration (civil law, criminal law, administrative law, commercial law)

  • Consultancy on criminal cases; criminal defense; victim representing; applying penalty reduction, conditional release and other related legal service.
  • Acting as agents in civil litigation cases, including first instance and second instance of trial, as well as appealing.
  • Applying for protest.
  • Applying for payment order and summons for exhortation of invalid bills.
  • Civil case mediation.
  • Acting as agents in administrative cases.
  • Acting as agents in arbitration process.
  • Acting as agents in execution cases.


Foreign/business legal affairs, maritime arbitration and litigation

  • Arbitration and litigation of international sales transactions, processing with supplied samples, processing on giving materials, assembling trade and compensatory trade, futures trade, etc.
  • Arbitration and litigation of dispute of joint venture, cooperation and exclusively foreign-owned enterprise.
  • Arbitration and litigation of dispute of international project contracting, international finance and insurance, international cargo transportation, etc.



Beijing High Law Partners is able to provide other services which lawyers are permitted to participate, such as legal consultancy and legal counsel.