Erqiang Bai vs. Fujian ETIM Information & Technology Co., Ltd.

 Parties involved:

 The appellant: Mr. Erqiang Bai

The appellee: Fujian ETIM Information & Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “ETIM”)

Court who hears the case:

Beijing High Court (second instance)

Industry concerned:

Computer network & communication filed


Mr. Erqiang Bai appealed to Beijing High Court, claiming that the judgment of first instance, which decided the “ETIM system” made by ETIM did not fall into the scope of protection of his patent ZL200410009322.9 and accordingly ETIM did not constitute patent infringement, was wrong, we, upon entrusting, represented ETIM to involve the case, by cross-examination on the evidences and court debate, we finally persuade the appeal court to reject all the claims of Mr. Erqiang Bai and maintain the judgment of first instance.


The claims of Mr. Erqiang Bai were rejected and the judgment of first instance was maintained.