Beijing High Law Partners

Beijing High Law Partners is a comprehensive partnership law firm established with the approval of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice as well as China Justice Ministry. Beijing High Law Partners is qualified to provide all areas of legal services throughout China jurisdiction, especially in the areas of Intellectual Property, Corporation, Trade Dispute, White Collar Crime, and Litigation and Arbitration etc.

Beijing High Law Partners has attracted many excellent professional lawyers. Most of them have gotten Master and Doctorate in the domestic or overseas famous universities which provide them with broad vision, rich experience, outstanding professional expertise and superior professional advantage. Some lawyers even have the experiences that they worked or practiced in Chinese governments, judicial authorities, well-known enterprises and famous law firms. The legal team has accumulated abundant of professional experience and practical operation skills. Their work performance has gotten the general approval and favorable responses of clients, and therefore, they are often invited to provide the service to overseas clients, and to present in the international professional seminars and conferences.

Beijing High Law Partners adheres to the advanced management concept, insists on the work principle of "Responsibility, Quality, Efficiency and Profession" and provides the best legal services for all enterprises, companies and individuals. Lawyers in Beijing High Law Partners strive to work for the upmost interest for all of current and potential clients throughout the world.

The Visions of Beijing High Law Partners


Service Pattern

Cooperation is the core

We emphasize the role and spirit of team, carry out the specific services with a team and make the best of its resources to satisfy the customers' goals when providing the costumers with legal services.

As for the complicated service projects or legal issues, we will ensure to provide the costumers with the best legal service depending on the following four levels of service and supervision system:

Project Groups

We will organize our lawyers with relevant experience and professional skills to work as a close team based to the nature of each legal project.

Core Member

The partner lawyers or the senior advisers are the core members and are responsible to guide and participate in the legal project and to lead the team to figure out the best solution to have the tasks done.


Large or important will be discussed by all the main members of all the departments of the firm, in order to have the best solution and to avoid any potential fault.

Expert Committee

For the very complicated legal issues and problems arising from the specific case, the experts in the committee will study and discuss about the issues and finally form the final suggestions. The external experts may be employed in the related fields if necessary.