Trademark & Copyright

Intellectual Property Department of Beijing High Law Partners is made up by a group of specialized and excellent legal practitioners with professional experience in related government and rich working experience. With the dedicated professional spirit, we provide the domestic and overseas costumers with high-quality and appropriate specific legal services for intellectual property.

The business fields of Intellectual Property Department of Beijing High Law Partners cover patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, and many other aspects. These involve telecommunications, electronics, software, semiconductor, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, electronic commerce, media and other traditional industries. Through close cooperation with other business colleagues in the aspects of patent, trademark, and intellectual property litigation, the intellectual property business team of Beijing High Law Partners can provide clients with comprehensive and requirements-satisfying solutions for the intellectual property issues.

The legal services for trademark and copyright in Beijing High Law Partner include but not limited to:

  • Application for trademark registration
  • Renewal and change of registered trademarks
  • Invalidation trademark
  • Litigation and related business of trademark
  • rights safeguarding, protection and other business for trademark
  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright litigation/legal consultation and other business.