Teams in Beijing High Law Partners can provide comprehensive legal counsel services on the basis of itemized legal services with the spirit of unity and cooperation.

The legal counsel services Beijing High Law Partners provides include but not limited to:

  • To provide legal consultation as well as the telephone counseling for legal issues in the process of establishment and operation of companies, including operation and management, labor employment, confidentiality agreement, recruitment and training, employee benefits, daily disputes, intellectual property rights and trade secrets, etc.
  • To implement legal analysis and demonstration for the major decisions of companies or risks in the process of enterprise management; to provide legal suggestions or legal opinions at the request of companies for their reference in making decisions.
  • To participate in business negotiation on request.
  • To assist to draft, review, modify and produce all kinds of contracts, rules and regulations, resolutions, legal letters, attorney claims, legal opinions and other legal documents.
  • To participate in civil, administrative, labor disputes yet formed and other major disputes; to provide efficient resolution of disputes with professional knowledge on the premise of party A's interests.