International Affairs

International Business Department is one of the prime businesses of Beijing High Law Partners. It includes mainly international capital business and international dispute resolution.

International capital business is one of the core parts of the International Business Department. Its clients mostly come from Germany, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The fields that it involves cover industry, telecommunications, energy, infrastructure, environmental protection, hotel, media, real estate and entertainment, etc. Business categories involved include foreign capital mergers and acquisitions, foreign direct investment and reinvestment, business restructuring, the establishment and change of companies and their branches, clearing off of enterprises with foreign investment, domestic enterprises with overseas investment and general business, etc.

The legal services for this field in Beijing High Law Partners include but not limited:

  • To offer general consulting on the law and regulation of investment in China;
  • To issue legal opinions and research reports;
  • To provide overall consulting, analysis and suggestion on the specific investments or investment projects involving the legal regulatory issues;
  • To assist in legal due diligence of projects;
  • To assist business negotiation;
  • To assist in designing transaction structure and investment framework;
  • To draft transaction documents;
  • To assist to transact the establishment, change and registration of investment organizations;
  • Other related affairs

Lawyers in Beijing High Law Partners, with their accomplished foreign language and professional experience, provide many clients with legal services for the resolutions of disputes involving in the fields of international finance, international investment and international trade. Their service modes are as follows:

  • To assist in negotiation and reconciliation and resolving disputes;
  • To agent and participate in arbitration;
  • To agent and participate in litigation;
  • To assist cross-border arbitration as well as enforcement and recognition of court judgment and in China and abroad;