RENA GMBH vs. Yiquan Electric Heater Hangings Co., Ltd. and Maoyan Ran

 Parties involved:

Plaintiff: RENA GMBH (hereinafter, RENA)

The first defendant: Yiquan Electric Heater Hangings Co., Ltd.(hearinafter, Yiquan)

The second defendant: Maoyan Ran, operator of Gangshen Machinery Factory

Court who hears the case:

Dongguan Intermediate Court (first instance)

 Industry concerned:

Machinery and photovoltaic field


 RENA enjoys an invention patent ZL03813930.8, in January of 2013, RENA found Yiquan was selling PVC rollers who were suspected to infringe RENA’s said invention patent, so, RENA entrusted us to handle the case on behalf of it.

After entrusted, we, under efforts, successfully made notarized purchase for the suspected infringing PVC rollers from Yiquan and notarized its website, on such basis, RENA brought lawsuit before Dongguan Intermediate Court, claiming stop of infringement and payment of compensation of RMB 500,000.

To escape the infringement, Yiquan provided evidence to try to prove the suspected infringing PVC rollers are from Gangshen Machinery Factory whose operator is Maoyan Ran, therefore, we added Maoyan Ran as codefendant, during the hearing, Maoyan Ran submitted further evidence, arguing it is entrusted by Yiquan to produce said suspected infringing PVC rollers.


By examination, the court finally made the judgment, judging Yiquan’s act constitutes infringement and should stop the infringement immediately, and meanwhile pay compensation of RMB300,000 to RENA.